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Fumiko Hayashi Memorial Plaza, Onomichi City


On June 26, after a long time, I visited the entrance plaza of East Onomichi Public High School, established in October 2009, as I returned to the hometown, Onomichi for the reunion.
This school is a local prestigious high school known as a great writer Fumiko Hayashi was used to enroll when it was women’s school.

For 100th anniversary of the founding in 2009 a plaza around the literary memorial monument for Fumiko Hayashi was about to be maintained as the commemorative project that I began to have involvement with the place.
The project was proceeding by collaborating with a wrought iron artist, Mr. Takayoshi Komine in order to put a gate at the plaza.
Since we had a successful collaboration with Mr. Komine at Suwa Lakeside Park as well as Kawagoe Station East Plaza, the project went quite confidently.

The memorial plaza is provided with a staircase to allow commemorative photo taken by centralizing the monument, and was designated with about the space for one class as “place for memories.”
The monument was intended to face to the residence Fumiko once lived, with cobblestones paved underfoot as the image of the beach, as well as the railing designed with the image of lapping waves.

The gate poles were designated by the inspiration of two mountains, Mt. Ruri on east and Mt. Atago on west, located both sides of the high school, and greenness of the black pine was employed for the color of the gate poles.

In front of the gate expressed a dynamic design of the crane used the school song and the emblem, as well.
Since the sea by Onomichi is elongated with gently curved line that looks like the neck of a crane, it is called “crane bay” that has become a symbol of the high school.
The surroundings of the crane design were arranged with the flowy design inspired by deep blue colored tide of Seto Inland Sea. The gate is so huge, even though it is split into half, that hardly to be slid and hopefully, male students would be on charge to move it.

Surely Mr. Komine had a skill on wrought iron that the design and the finish possibly would endure for next 100 years, and, masons from Onomichi had shown splendid skills besides.
Because the gate was newly placed, it was necessary to move the masonry, however, reconstruction was in wonderfully high accuracy that it has been a while to see such a display of craftsmanship.

Since nearly two years has passed after the completion, surrounding plats got appeared naturally as agapanthuses and hydrangeas added colors to the site.
Hopefully students could perceive the nature season by season and sense the scent of literature in this plaza to mature them for the society.

Yoshiki Toda

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