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Feedback from Cambodia No.3


Phnom Penh is a big city.
In addition to tourists, there are a lot of foreigners living in the city.
I felt like that the smile I saw in Siem Reap was slightly disappeared.
The city was full of people, and filled with various colors.
Buddhist and Hindu temples, roof decorations of majestic palaces, exotic buildings with carvings of gods, lane spaces heavily reminiscent of the early French, and tropical plants spilling out from windows and overgrown street trees were all components of exciting landscape.

As we aimlessly continued to walk around the city, accompanied Mr. Ito suddenly got excitement and absorbed to one building.
That was “Hiroshima house” made by Mr. Osamu Ishiyama. “Hiroshima house” was an architecture that contributed to friendship between Cambodia and Japan in order to pass to next generation about the tragedy of the 20th century as the fact of genocide under the Pol Pot regime and Hiroshima wounded by the nuclear bomb. When we came in, they assembled something like a bookshelf to open as a children’s library.

This building was built on self-built, constructed by the team of Waseda University.
From funding to construction labors, they were based on the movement of people agreeing with the call of Mr. Hiraoka (Ex. Mayor of Hiroshima,) Mr. Nakagawa (Waseda University) and Mr. Ishiyama (Waseda University.)
The architecture, with Cambodian original thin columns and walls (since there is no earthquake or typhoon they said,) local bricks and concrete, had been reasonably aged but no-compromised design had gotten no impression with out of date for almost 20 years after it planned.

In the street of Phnom Penh, there are many people who lost a part of their body because of the war as well as people who were forced to live with disabilities due to birth under the influence of drugs.
Even though there had been peaceful scenery all over in Japan and Cambodia nowadays, we must remember that our planet have had big blows because of foolish acts of human beings. I still can recall how painful it was to my heart.

Yukio Ohashi

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