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Attending the tour on Megurogajyoen, well-known first comprehensive bridal hall in Japan


n addition to the wooden building facilitating the hundred steps built in the early Showa era, and the banquet and office building renewed in 1991 by Meguro River, the entrance building, the office building, and the chapel accessible from Meguro Station, were built on this spring.

Alley-like properties are adjoined at entrance of Doreme Street.
Horizontally stretched aluminum eaves invite people farther to the alley.
Through the entrance building, which consists of the simple garden surrounded by the corridor, the entrance of new office building appears after getting out from the escalator with the view of cliffy green on the left. The office building as like bullied with transplanted trees is as calm as if it is located outside of the clamorous city.

New chapel building is accessible from the big roofed gate with existing arch rise. By passing through traditional Japanese approach of plaster wall roofed with tiles and black volcanic stones from Mt. Asama used as foundation, visitors can reach the westernized chapel facing the pond decollated with blue heart shaped glass and flowers. “Blending between Japanese and Western style” and “fusion of newness and oldness ” emphasize the way of Gajyoen.
Art crafts displayed everywhere at the banquet building recapture the space used to be called the paradise of Showa era.
One pieced wooden board filled with vivid colored carvings, mother-of-pearl inlay on black lacquer wall, an alcove post made of carved one-meter diameter American cypress, and restrooms with an arched bridge; They compose the lavish banquet space. With 20 meter-drop water fall as the background, the pond glows outside of the window. Three-dimensionally arranged preserved trees have impressive mass.  
Abundant greenery sorted up the spaces of ordinary or extraordinary, past or future, gorgeousness or modern simplicity, and, meanwhile, it dedicated as a core to unify them all.

Kaori Iwata

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