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Since a series of summaries titled “think about skills in landscape architecture” issued in Landscape Architecture No.114 March the magazine Japanese Society of Landscape Architects (JSLA) publishes had run, we would like to serially recapture it divided into 9 times here in homepage.

□ Landscape from the new city

It has been for a while since it said that scenery of Marunouchi had changed. Marunouchi before then was a dead town with no one could bee seen for every weekend. Typical scenery for a business district where every activity was related to working could be observed back there. As it got in the 21st century, it transformed multi-purposed town including commercial uses, hotels, and sightseeing facilities that initialized by the large-scaled project Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd developed. As a result, Marunouchi had been in a progress to shift to an attractive space where people not related to businesses could enjoy activities in nighttime as well as weekends.

It seems that Mitsubishi Ichigokan open last year, crowded with many users, shows one of answers for how landscape design can stand for in cityscape. The concept of “garden” opened up by diversity of architectural uses could be observed actively in the city there. The concept of “garden” has been utilized for a long time since then, to be meant as a safe livable space sustaining ordinal daily lives. Therefore, there are many garden styles based on various localities, remaining as valuable cultures all over the world.

Although in the modern city, functional solid large spaces, which offer smooth mobility, are proffered, and that results forgetting “garden,” people are seemed like long-awaited to gather in newly appealing “garden” at Mitsubishi Ichigokan. What people demanded was not cool city plaza or park, but the garden where butterflies gather on flowers to flowers.

It is quite fair to define that Mitsubishi Ichigokan would be the one of answers landscaping could reached for business environments. Meantime, let us review the transition of landscape design for last 40 years in chronological order.

Yoshiki Toda

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