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□ Works by Yoshikuni Araki

Another one, Kuniyoshi Araki was mainly working in Kansai region, however, if there was a demand from a major architectural office, he also left some of his works in Tokyo. Sunshine Building in Ikebukuro (1978), NS building in Shinjyuku (1982), and Mitsui Kaijyo Kasai Building (1984) are significant well-known works.

Araki was a multi-talented landscape architect that created not only traditional Japanese garden, such as Katsuodera, with full set of solid details and techniques, but also construct functional and daring compositions in public spaces, parks and so on. Concerning with his works for the business environment in Tokyo, they are appeared as coordinated with relatively too moderate details in contrast with his own ability. It is assumable that all were matters of achieving professionalism architects demanded outer spaces at the time Araki had been active in the business.

Multi-talented Araki was usually flexible to accomplish demands clients or architects asked, and produced an attractive horticultural space at Shinjyuku NS building by dealing with various plant selections, or brilliantly enhanced the space at Mitsui Kaijyo Kasai Building with the sculpture by Kyubei Shimizu. At Sunshine City, he also designated the adjacent park, which dynamically facilitated with horizontally broaden waterfall that signified his authorized influence. If he would has been born and worked in little bit later generation, we might have seen him advocating to public with his interesting collaborative works with architects giving him equal rights on projects.

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