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□ Townscape planning by introducing art

In 1990s, projects introducing not only single artwork but also a series of arts under a certain concept had been appeared in business environment. FARET Tachikawa (completed in 1994) is a pioneer case for the town planning that introduced various artworks at the project area of approximately 5.9 ha. Putting “building a new culture for Tachikawa” as a project theme, an art director Fram Kitagawa was appointed for proceeding to make the town with arts. One of answer to shift from “making economic urbanization” in 1980s to “a phase of spiritual abundance” in 1990s was to create townscape with arts.

One of the concepts “town of surprises and discovery” was meant to let people perceive a sense of intimacy to the town by giving an artistic appearance of human creation to the newly built town where used to be inorganic and lack of the endemism based on the history. However, every time I visited the completed FARET Tachikawa, it left me unsatisfied with no depth of the impression. There was “Surprises and discovery” for the first impression but it was hardly last in my mind in order to communicate with each piece of art nonetheless. I concluded the reason that it failed to give a certain impression was that landscape design was unexecuted in the town planning.

As essential concept for landscape designs; “encouraging communication among each space and facility,” “reconstructing the endemism in terms of the history or the culture,” “to produce almost genuine nature” were not perceivable from the area. No matter how attractive the concept is, the strength to realize is obligatory. It was a pity result because the landscape language and the place could be matched each other if skills of landscape design possessing the ability to representing practically was applied.

Yoshiki Toda

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