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□ Kaleidoscopic Roppongi Hills

A series of large-scaled urban development projects had been taken place during the 2000s. By introducing those projects in which the certain vision was built up, we shall be able to visualize current situation as well as future of landscape architecture.

First of all, as we focus on Roppongi Hills opened gorgeously in 2003, it was a redevelopment project with the complicated land use and the long-termed scheduling in order to achieve the neighborly agreement. In contrast with public developments, this project was characterized with personal taste of the building owner, Mr. Minoru Mori, who is also an urban producer actualizing his creative spirit. Mr. Mori aimed revitalizing basic interactive communication by setting up nature in urban environment according to the theme “building up a community town consisting both working and living environment as one pack in order to prevail in international competition for urbanization.”

Therefore, landscape became a key element, and a landscape architect Yoji Sasaki was called in order to figure out the complicated project to start up. A large-scaled multidisciplinary project must be preceded with sophisticated collaboration. As a result, despite of all intricacy, landscape design crystallized communication among various artists and an overseas architect office, was accomplished in multifarious parts of the project site.

Diverse programs from traditional Japanese garden, herb garden, farmland, to the space for sculpture and artistic furniture, were demanded for the project. Those facilities kaleidoscopically distributed all over the site were totalized as one story weaved by the power of landscape architecture. Also, since the geological feature on the site is varied as well as land for public use was included within, advanced techniques and persistent effort were required for the project.

The ground level of the project site has a humongous monument called ‘Maman’ by Louise Bourgeois. As standing in front of it, Visitors might perceive the prosperity of the time the project called for artistic aura dominating the space and time of the new age.

Meanwhile, abundance of ideas Mr. Mori casually remarked has resulted to create instinctive spaces that led lack of astringency for the total designation. However, the consequence of the work has been memorized as remarkable execution in the landscape design that explored in the 21st century.

Yoshiki Toda

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