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Prized in China -No.2


◆Suzhou Tang Island Residence
Suzhou Tang Island Residence was a project actualized profound corporative work between architecture and landscape architecture to accomplish a high qualitative urban resort. Landscape design tended to create comfortable space enhanced with soft natural materials contrasted to the formal and elegant design in the architecture. Relaxing place welcoming visitors and residents was conceptualized as “water and forest landscape with rich hospitality.”

The most attractive character of this planning site was that it is on the island dispatched from the mainland. In this manner, differentiation from other residences to ensure privacy could have created spacious scenery.
・ Spaciously and scrupulously directed entrance plaza as a gate inviting to the resort, as well as simple and rhythmical design of the bridge.
・ Design for the plaza in front of the entrance hall as symbolic space with calmness and dignity enhanced with well-trimmed trees and a waterfall with sensible sound of the flow.
・ Pathway design to set up the place for observing plants and flowers, and wandering around through a series of layered sceneries with glimpse of facilities and buildings amongst the winding stream.
・ Simple design leading with columns and bridge of the stream for the approach to the entrance of the residence
・ The design for the end point of the stream where horizontal line was emphasized to signify a sequence from spring water of “water mirror” as the beginning of the flow to the lake surface

The space giving relaxation in physically and mentally is obligatory to realize an urban resort with high hospitality. Forest impression changing seasonally and various impressions in water features for the landscape of Suzhou Tang Island Residence, certainly have provided abundant relaxing space and time.

Those two prizes of works representing our philosophy for designing have been encouraging our further design activities in China. The party after the ceremony went well and also contributed a growth of friendship between Japan and China

Tsutomu Yoshizawa

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