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Japanese garden in Futakotamagawa


Constructing Japanese garden in Futakotamagawa had come to the last phase for the completion in the end of March. On February 20,the plumbing check was taken place by placing the pump unit as the pond filled with water. The apearence of the garden got more firmed up with filled water that had showed various faces of the space the garden contained.

The scenery containing a horizontal line by water surface revealing postures of trees and facilities reminded that garden design always have stood with a contrast between plainness and elevational changes. Also, a series of waterfalls and flows facilitated all over the garden would have let visitors experience the sequential sound change in volume and quality, as they would walk through the garden.

In general, dealing with water features is difficult, and different nuance in curvature, grading, or elevation gives totally altered impression of a water feature. Especially in section of waterfall, little difference found in placement of stones at an outfall, would result numerous variation of the scenery. Apparently, seeing the water surface makes realization that water elements are obligatory to Japanese garden.

Tree planting had finished and bushes and groundcovers are still need to be done to plant. Because last winter was colder than the average temperature, caused the groundcover pity appearance for the scenery of the renewed garden. Meantime, deciduous trees on site have not yet grown enough to give the rigid landscape impression in wintertime. Many preserved tall pine trees blown in the wind have built attractive originality of the garden.

At the time, the masonry work gives strong impression on the appearance that would be balanced once leaves come out and lower branches as well as groundcovers start thriving all over. The essence of Japanese garden culture world-widely recognized would be revealed for citizens at the opening ceremony on April 14. Also, since a part of the park would open for public at same time, visitors may enjoy fully both open space broaden up to the surroundings and the garden thoroughly charged with Japanese aesthetic.

Yoshiki Toda

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