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Inspection of the working site at Kanda


There was an opportunity to inspect the working site harried for the expected completion at end of March.
The site is located at the district close to Jinbocho where many high-rise buildings with inhumane impression stand along with nostalgic scenery of small retailers. The site is a part of large redevelopment project extended 2200m2 where high-rise multi-purposed building would be constructed. We were in charge of designing plaza space and alleys around the building.

The main focus of the inspection was to gain more comprehensive learning of an actual planting work, which, in fact, we designed.
A landscape constructor responsible to the planting kindly explained the procedure in detail, meantime, showed placing supporting columns to trees planted, as well as gave us explanations about soil condition of the site, materials adding to improve soil fertility, the way to identify an appropriate facing of plants, and the specific planting intention.
In addition, as reference, we could observe the ongoing condition of complicated construction on hard surfaces and infrastructures we perfunctorily designed in drawings.
Under the circumstance of the ongoing construction proceeded day-by-day, we would like to mention about considerations that people from the responsible construction companies treated us.
Japanese dogwoods planted on the site have already started blooming tiny flowers. We look forward to seeing the completion as spring comes.

Aoi Ikeda

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