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Attending the kickoff event for GBJ


On March 25, we attended the kickoff event of Green Building Japan (GBJ) introduced by Mr. Hiroki Hiramatsu, CEO of CSR Design & Landscape Co., Ltd.

With Ms. Ayako Omura and Mr. Kentaro Suga, both Mr. Hiramatsu and Mr. Shigeru Urashima as representative directors established a multidisciplinary organization; GBJ as a corporation to promote global movement of green building to Japan by an authentication system widely recognized around the world, known as “LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).” The meeting apparently offered great opportunity to catch up current condition and prospect of the sustainable property market in Japan, signified by recent popular movement of highlighting the environmentally valued development all over the world.

Despite under chilly weather and at busiest time as the end of fiscal year, the stimulating meeting at Roppongi Hills gathered more than 200 attendants from various professions who had proved the environmental market was the subject to be aware of. It was definitely precious time to listen presentation by Ms. Yuko Nishida from Environment Bureau of Tokyo and speeches by GBJ representatives or Ms. Jennivine Kwan, Vice President of U.S. Green Building Council, and we were thankful for them to share their valuable perspectives.

GBJ kickoff event was meaningful to set a place for sharing information on the field of the green building. Although it was pity to see only few landscape architects attended the event, it is certainly an excellent entrance for nature-oriented profession to approach realization of more environmentally sustainable society enhanced naturally. We would better keep track of actions by GBJ and the society of green building.

Hiroshi Ishii

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