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Completion of Japanese garden “Kishinen” in Futakotamagawa Park


There was an opening ceremony for Japanese garden in Futakotamagawa Park on April 14, following the completion of the construction in March, of which plan was launched in 2010.

Please refer following information for project details and progress;
Details: an article “Proposing Japanese garden in Futakotamagawa Park, Setagaya Ward” from “NEWS” on March 9, 2011
Progress: an article “Japanese garden at Futakotamagawa” from “NEWS” on February 20, 2013
Japanese garden in Futakotamagawa

Since there were many guests including Setagaya ward mayor Mr. Hosaka invited, strong concerning about the park among citizens and other participants could be traced.

The garden is thematic Japanese garden capturing sceneries of Tama River, Mt. Fuji, and Kokubunji bank line. Based on universal design, the garden had reached entertaining Japanese spatial culture for everyone.

The garden name is ended up with “Kishin-en (means garden of returning genuineness)” because of emeritus professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture, Isoya Shinji, who have supervised the project in numerous directions, suggested that the garden name would have a sense of “Return to Nature.”

Also, aesthetic layers of the garden was built by many contributors such as Mr. Yasutaka Takasaki, a garden creator specialized with masonry, sophisticated speedy construction, as well as calligraphically dynamic writing of garden name by Mr. Daigaku Odagawa.

We proudly recommend visiting the garden to enjoy various aspects of Japanese garden aesthetics as well as segmentation of proficiency by professionals concerning its completion.

Daisuke Horii

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