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New attraction at Shima Spain Village


First impression on “Shima Spain Village” at the time I visited there on February 2012 was simply that the theme park was so leisurely. The tranquil park with full of nature is surrounded by forest over a cove characterized with a rias coastline, Notwithstanding, regardless of attraction contents in the park, it had a potential to be more improved the outside setup in terms of interaction of scenery or a sense of spatial volume though high consideration on presenting Spanish atmospheres among each pathway and large plaza. Since one of the attraction had to be reconstruct, there was an offer that our office was in charge of deigning water facilities for children as well as planting design for adjacent several flowerbeds.

On March 1, 2013, new attraction “Feliz Cruise” a seven-minute cruising through various scenes from Spanish festivals was unveiled. The themed was a paradise of “water and flower cerebration” that unfolds various festivals at flowering islands floating on Spanish sea.

The design concluded installing varied sizes of fountains through the cruising route as well as making flowering islands with festival attraction By shrinking down the existing pond.

Depending on the image and scale of each island, different color, species of seasonal annual flowers are mainly planted among perennials, shrubs, and trees. In addition to select flowers with Spanish red and yellow as obligatory colors, it was quite limited choice for annual flowers blooming at the time of the opening on March because flower growth was less than expected since relatively colder weather through last winter. Honestly saying, to have an opening time in early April would make much difference in the flowering condition compared with opening in March since frost season would not really be finished. For example, there was great difficulty at the opening time we dealt with the planting design for Aichi Expo 2005. Enhancing the flowerbed with leafy deciduous perennials is essential for green volume, but plants are obviously leafless at the time of the opening. Once getting bit warmer Islands facilitated with the maintenance path for seasonal replanting would be more greenly appealing.

Adjacent to “Feliz Cruise,” a water facility for children “Chapp Chapp Chapp Lagoon” was also opened. After a long time not designating so but, we employed the crashed tiled wall at outer rim and the bubble patterned coated floor to enhance the design representing joyful images of playing with splashing water or dolphins in nature.

This year, at Ise Shrine, there is a big ceremonial festival for construction of a new shrine and transfer of the enshrined object from the old to the new taken place once every twenty years. There are many visitors expected to visit Ise-Shima region. This would be reasonable opportunity to visit Shima Spain Village with renovate facilities and attractions, too.

Naomi Ohashi

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