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Completion of Nishikicho TRADSQUARE


Nishikicho TRADSQUARE, which our office designed the outer rim, completed at beginning of April 2013.

This project we had worked on for three years from the initialization to develop the design through consultations as well as supervision to the finish process on site, contains 16-story multi-purposed building in about 2,200 m2 at Kanda-Nishikicho redevelopment project area.

As aiming to create a space weaving essences such as townscape, people, and nature that consisting of Kanda-Nishikicho (“Nishiki” means Japanese brocade), in most efficient way we sterically designed the limited space around the high-rise building.

The east side of the building facing a main artery contains the main facade with settled impression of black pavers contrasting to the white building with an incisive appearance of representing a horizontal layer of papers implying the site is in Kanda, the town of books. Also, white granite stripes are facilitated as interconnecting from outside to inside of the building as if in response to the whiteness of the building.

At the northern open place connected with the east side, greenery plaza casting shade is designated for people working at the area to have relaxing moments. At the plaza, either deciduous or evergreen, various trees were planted to have an opportunity to come across flowers and colored leaves as seasons turn. Benches are facilitated there as well to rest, have lunch, or chats as visitors like to do. Meantime, 3.5-meter high wall greening partition at the property border enhances enclosure of the space embracing visitors with greenery.

In contrast with the formal appearance of the east façade, the west façade, since there is an entrance for residents, was arranged more likely in human scaled design with attractive vegetations along the alley. A small pond draining rainwater is placed at the south side of the building in order to create a small charm of the space in the dry metropolitan environment.

Spring flowers started to bloom and new leaves have sprouted out as like cerebrating the opening of the building. We truly hope that residents, visitors, and neighbors would love the place as long as time goes.

Kenichi Koga

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