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Yoichi Hatta’s achievement at Taiwan


There are more and more occasions to see overseas talented Japanese on TV. Many of us might be proud of seeing such people that make their ways by corporate with local people. I happened to know there was a memorial ceremony for Yoichi Hatta, who made achievement in prewar Taiwan when I visited there in last May. After Hatta graduated in Department of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Imperial University, he as a civil engineer went to Taiwan in 1910, and constructed Wushantou Irrigation Dam (1,000ha) and a series of canal along at Chianan Plain near by Tainan City at the southern Taiwan. As the result, local people gave huge applause to Hatta, who had raised the potential of Chianan Plain. It is because of not only his skillful technique but also his attitude toward work that he built friendship with local workers, who appreciated with improved working environment Hatta organized. There are many episodes described in remained references.

Since 1931 through the wartime and after then, His unique bronze statue sits at the top of a hill overlooking the pond. In 2011, completion Yoichi Hatta Memorial Park, which is restored by an idea the former President Ma Yingjeou claimed, turned to be a relaxation place to visit for civilians. On May 8, many attendants from Kanazawa City where Hatta was born had joined the anniversary of Hatta’s dearth, and we could have an opportunity to meet Mrs. Ayako Hatta, a wife of Yoichi’s elderly son Akio Hatta. In fact, he was a landscape architect, who had taken a responsible role at incorporated association of consultants for landscape architecture in Japan after he practiced as an engineer at Aichi, and that made somehow a fateful connection. It would possibly have been much graceful if he could educate us before he had gone. It is mandatory to put into our thoughts that current friendship between Taiwan and Japan is nothing but because of lots of efforts and achievements by people like Yoichi Hatta.

Yoshiki Toda

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