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Futakotamagawa Park “Kishinen”


Theme:Landscape with Water
Landscape with History
Space:Traditional Gardens
Place: Tokyo Area

Kishinen, opened in April 2013 along with other part of the park, is a stroll styled Japanese garden located at the center of Futakotamagawa Park. A basic plan for the entire Futakotamagawa Par was prepared in 2010 to render Kishinen as a place of relaxation.
Since the area included Kishinen is part of vast greenery rare to find in Tokyo region, continuity from small-scaled nature in the garden to the surrounding environment was highly concerned with. Meantime, “civic welfare” “mutual environment ” and “culture and education” were three aspects to manage the project.
The entire park was designed based on universal access, unusual for Japanese garden, however, it was necessary to facilitate planting beds or water features interactive to children or people with wheelchairs to accomplish for the sake of civic welfare.
For the aspect of mutual environment, local stone materials were collected and allocated over the garden to emphasize indigenousness as a garden in Edo, Tokyo.
Traditional style of bamboo lattice fences placed in the garden has reflected the other aspect “culture and education”. Various other places, derived from Japanese culture such as poetry of Bokusui Wakayama or Boyou Tamagawa Hakei (a set of colored woodblock prints published in Edo period), were facilitated as well.
We clowned the garden name “Kishinen” literally meant “Return to Nature” because of our hope to the garden developing with local people and visitors as a place to learn that Japanese culture always has been cultivated with attribution of the environmental richness.

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