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Ichinoe Makkoutei


Theme:Landscape with History
Space:Parks / Greeneries
Place: Tokyo Area
Client:Edogawa City Environmental Promotion Corporation

Ichinoe Makkoutei Garden was designed and maintained around the Ichinoe-Sakai River Park to bring back the history and culture for the next generations. Primarily this place was a house belonging to post-Higashiichinoe Village, known as ’Makkouya’, and there is a tree of Machilus thunbergii, estimated to be over 750 years of age, which was used to grind makkou (Buddhist incense) back in the times. Other than this massive tree, many large trees and stone walls were remaining as existing conditions. We re-designed this garden into a botanical Japanese garden where people can learn and experience the color, smell, taste, and the beauty of the Japanese four-seasons.
An existing Japanese style teahouse was kept on site, which is currently used to host tea parties and aroma bags. Benches made with natural stones are placed in various places in the site to comfort all groups of visitors. We have succeeded to pass on the historic qualities of ’Makkouya’ and at the same time to provide a naturalistic seasonal garden to enjoy the bloom of flowers and plants.

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