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Chigasaki Ruins Of A Castle Park


Theme:Landscape with History
Space:Parks / Greeneries
Place: Metropolitan Area

The purpose of this project is to preserve and to intensify the historic amenities left abandoned on the site, and to redesign the site into a safe park that can be felt close to the user’s heart.
Chigasakijoshi is located in the central district of Port-North Newtown, northern side of Yokohama. Though only a 5 minute walk from the Center-South Station on Shiei-Subway Line, Chigasakijoshi has not changed its untouched naturalistic appearance for decades. Also, Chigasakijoshi has many characteristics of the castle (moats, kuruwa walls, earthwork fortifications, etc) remaining in superior conditions. Having the Hayabuchi River observed on the north side from the castle ruins, the height provides an excellent view able to scout the entire lowlands and the conifer tree field. Back in the times, this high point was very important giving a descent view to watch out for the village and for any approaching forces.
Therefore in the redesign proposal, we decided to:
-Preserve/activate the rare historic artifacts,
-Create a place to learn the history of Chigasakijoshi through landscape, and
-Re-emphasize the park theme into a more user-friendly atmosphere.
Theme: to preserve and to create a lively park from the ruins of Chigasaki Castle.
Welcomed by the ancient trees of Chigasakijoshi, the tumult gets mitigated each step taken, and soon will hear the twitting of birds and the sound of leaves. Standing beside the kuruwa walls will bring back the beauty of the medieval times.

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